Samsung Galaxy S8 First Impressions

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t seems like Samsung has outdone themselves with the Galaxy S8. I was skeptical about the S8 because of my previous negative experience with owning the S6 and S7. The S8 has made me forget about all of the problems that I had with the previous iterations of the Galaxy S line. You can’t help but notice the screen when looking at the S8. The Quad HD Super AMOLED panel is jaw dropping. It is very vibrant, sharp, and bright. Without a doubt, this is the best smartphone display I’ve ever seen.

Here are some short thoughts that I have so far:

  • The octa-core processor makes everything run buttery smooth
  • Samsung’s all new Grace UI is a step above TouchWiz
  • The 12 MP camera is relatively unchanged from the S7
  • Battery life seems to last the whole day
  • Samsung’s quick charging feature is amazing
  • The IRIS scanner is an amazing feature
  • It has a headphone jack

Overall, I’ve enjoyed my first few days with the Galaxy S8. So far it seems head and shoulders above the S7 and other android phones that I have tested. Be sure to check out my full review in the coming weeks!

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