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Everything I like about Android over iPhone

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I decided to switch from the Apple iPhone to Android June 2019. I picked up the Google Pixel 3XL as the Android phone of choice. I liked the camera of the Pixel lineup and I wanted a vanilla Android experience.

Here is what I have liked about Android (a running list):

  • The ability to set defaults apps (browser, maps, music streaming, etc)
  • You can search and then downloads app right in Chrome
  • There is 1pass (and other password apps) integration basically across the entire OS
  • Gray Scale mode
  • The ability to change styles and system-wide fonts/iconography
  • picture in picture mode for Duo, YouTube, etc
  • Live wallpapers and living wallpapers
  • multi-tasking!
  • text suggestions are on point
  • Email suggestions in Gmail
  • Google Assistant (it’s so good)
  • G Board
  • Widgets
  • Certain Aspects of Android Auto

Right now this is my running list of Android OS highlights. Stay tuned for the follow-up blog of what I HATE about Android.

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