The Best Guns in Fortnite: Battle Royale

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Last Updated: 4/8/20

Top ARs:

Midas Drum Gum –

  • The high rate of fire and large magazine melt people.

Syke’s Scar –

  • High damage and a high rate of fire. Good at any distance.

Top Shotguns:

Legendary Pump –

  • Capable of one-hit eliminations via head shots
  • Excellent at close range
  • Shot power decreases at longer ranges

Legendary Tac –

  • High Fire rate and decent damage
  • 8 bullets
  • High damage when dealing headshots

Blue Tac –

  • Can instantly eliminate an enemy if they are not fully shielded using a headshot
  • Better than pump due to 2.25 headshot multiplier

Top Snipers:

Legendary Heavy Sniper

  • Nearly always fatal when shot hits
  • Also great for destroying structures since it can destroy any structure block with one shot

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