Destiny 2 Beta Trailer Released

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The Destiny 2 beta is nearly upon us! And today Bungie dropped a new trailer showing some new gameplay footage and some new details about what content will be available in the beta. Here is the summary:

  • Early access begins July 18th (For PS4 Pre-orders).
  • July 19th for Xbox One Pre-orders
  • Beta testers will be able to play Homecoming, the opening story mission and cinematics.
  • A Co-op strike called “The Inverted Spire” will be playable
  • Multiplayer will be playable with two modes: Countdown & Control
  • New subclasses will be able to be unleashed by players
  • Destiny 2 beta players will get a exclusive emblem in September when the game launches. View it here.

Destiny 2 is released on console on Septermber 6th. Find out all the details here.


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