Where is Xur? (9/8/17)

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Those who played the first Destiny game are well familiar with the mysterious, tentacle-faced merchant named Xur. He was something of a novelty as he only visited the Tower once a week during the weekend. Now that Destiny 2 is here, Xur’s stock is replenished with new brand new loot. But you’re going to have to look a little harder to find Xur is in Destiny 2.

Xur’s location in Destiny 2 isn’t as straightforward as it was in Destiny 1. He no longer just visits the social spaces, instead he moves around to one of the four planets and moons. Xur appears in a different location each week and will sell his many wares. Due to the fact Xur can appear on any planet, in any location in Destiny 2, he will be rather difficult to track down.

Unfortunately, Xur is not making an appearance this week.  According to Bungie’s Month 1 Activity calendar, Xur will make his way to Destiny 2 on Friday, September 15th.

Make sure to collect as many Legendary Shards as you can, as that is now the main currency Xur uses. No more strange coins. There’s currently no information about how much his loot will cost.

One way to ensure you have enough Legendary Shards is to grind Patrol zones for their respective tokens and hand them over to the area’s main NPC, be it Devrim, Failsafe, etc. You can also dismantle any Legendary gear you don’t want to help increase your Legendary Shard stocks!

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